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We provide a sophisticated and comprehensive range of insurance services tailored to our clients and introducers, in order to meet their needs.

Our range of services includes:
   1. General Insurance
   2. Long-Term Insurance
   3. MPF
   4. Trust Services
   5. High Net-Worth
   6. Professional Training


General Insurance
In today's dynamic commercial world, businesses are facing new and increasingly complex risks. We have a diverse range of solutions to protect your business. No business is too big or too small. Stocks, shares or fixed interest securities quoted on international stock exchanges .Whether you are at home, traveling or enjoy leisure activities, we are here to provide you protection.

   • Corporate Travel, Accident, Health Care and Multi Risks Solutions.
   • Business Single and Special Risks.
   • Personal Travel, Auto, Home, Accident and Health Care.

Long Term Insurance
   • Term, Life, Investment Linked Insurance
   • Child Education and Saving Plan

We carry two major MPF providers:
   • HSBC
   • BCT
   • Sunlife
   • Principal

Trust Services
There are many types of trust and reasons for using them, some of the most common are:
   • To bestow gifts and preserve wealth for future generations 
   • To avoid the need for probate 
   • To maximize tax efficiency 
   • To nominate beneficiaries of a life policy

High Net Worth
With a worldwide network and almost a century of industry expertise, We provide the backbone and reach for High Net Worth Client Group. From high limits of personal liability to enhanced protection for homes, cars, yachts, art and jewellery, we offers an extensive range of programs for all personal insurance needs.
   • Tailor made investment strategies 

Professional Training
Offers professional development, management training and career training programs.
   • Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination 
   • Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries 
   • Management, Sales and Investment Seminar

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