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Business Insurance
    1.Trade Credit
    2.Office Package & Shop Package
    3.Employees’ Compensation
    4.Property Insurance
    5.Corporate Travel and Accident & Health Care
    6.Marine Cargo

Trade Credit
    Protects companies against risks associated with trade exposure, including customer insolvency and protracted default.
    Protects policyholder’s balance sheet and cash flow from large or unforeseen bad debts.

Office Package & Shop Package
    Property All Risks
    Business Interruption - Increased Cost of Working
    Money All Risks 
    Employees’ Compensation
    Public Liability

Employees’ compensation
    We provide employees’ compensation cover in accordance with the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance in Hong Kong.

Property insurance
    Property insurance protects damage to their buildings and other “tangible asset” from fire, flood, theft etc.
    Property coverage and structure
    Optional coverage for business interruption & terrorism

Corporate Travel and Accident & Health Care
    Annual Business Travel Insurance
    Single Trip Business Travel Plan
    Group Medical Plan
    Group Personal Accident Plan

Marine Cargo
    Cargo insurance provides protection for loss and/ or damage during the movement of cargo from one port/country to another port/country.
    Comprehensive Global Coverage.
    We provide a comprehensive range of customized cargo insurance.   Shipment can be by sea, air or land and coverage can be
    extended to war, strikes, riots and civil commotion (terrorism), theft, hijacking, shortage and non-delivery.

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